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Dragons and Bats

Dragons and Bats

Stories and representations of dragons are older than what we today call the western cultural area.
Pictures of dragons are often influenced by representations from Mesopotamia or Egypt.
The dragon pictures of nordic mythology have also been influenced by the interaction with Roman culture.
Two dragons appear more red and more white in the (Was bedeutet: Artussage??). They are a representation of the energy of the earth and the strength of life.
They appear in the predictions of Merlin, among many other myths that range from the far east of China and Japan, to the legends of the Celts and the Vikings. The Celtic dragon stands for leadership qualities, strength, power and purity.
Dragons are generally accepted as heroic symbols that express the victories of men, of those who havefaced overwhelming odds and ovecome primeval fears and dangers.
At the same time the Dragon also stands for those things which man could not explain in those times. The things that represent the unknown; things that lurk deep in the abyss of the deep dark oceans, and to the rumblings of the earth under the feet of men, and the earth shaking rage of volcanos erupting in all their glory.
Although people & dinosaurs did not co-exist, some researchers of myths and legends claim that dragons may hail far back as a cultural memory of the days of the dinosaurs.
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