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Honey Mead "Viking blood" 0,75l

Honey Mead "Viking blood" 0,75l 92 003

The free gift of pure cherry juice makes this mead a firm fruity taste experience. The honey and the cherries last in the scales here as regards taste. 
Ingredients: Honey, water, wine yeast, cherry juice
Due to the weight the transportation costs differ for honey mead and honey beer. The transportation costs for drinks are graded according to weight and correspond to the real transportation costs.
Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks of our mankind and known particularly to the Teutons as the beverage of the gods and heroes. His honey typical taste and his flowery flavour promise a pleasure in various regard for the palate.
Unit price (excl. Tax plus shipping costs): 7.99 US$
All prices are without Tax! With the European customers the at the moment valid tax rate of 19% is charged at the end of the order!