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Salt products

Salt products

Viking Smoked Salt
This unique smoked salt, according to an ancient Viking tradition, has already received several international awards and is produced in Denmark. Even little of this rich smoke flavor salt your food gives an intense and natural smoke flavor, with many nuances. The "Viking Smoke Salt" is recommended by Michelin chefs.
Himalayan Salt is a natural, holistic, 100% pure natural salt as an excellent alternative to the traditional white table salt. Since it could crystallize this "proto-salt" 250 - 450 million years long in the mountains at the foot of the Himalayas, it is a relic of the BR times, that we want our customers, are not deprived. The salt comes from the Salt Range in Pakistan.
All prices are without Tax! With the European customers the at the moment valid tax rate of 19% is charged at the end of the order!