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Thor's Hammer "Wolf Hammer" middle - 925s Silver

Thor's Hammer "Wolf Hammer" middle - 925s Silver 51 261

The Thor's hammer is made of 925 silver and has a weight of 7 grams. The Thor's Hammer is decorated with ornaments on both sides.
The size of the hammer is 22 x 35 mm, the eye for the chain is approximately 2 mm ě in size. With Leatherbound.
This wolf head is a replica of Thor's hammer found in Iceland from the 10th century original.
The Cross Wolf or Wolf Hammer Time is a Viking silver pendant, which was found in Foss in Iceland. They found the wolf cross a barren piece of land in 1910 in Foss Hrunamannahreppur ┴rnessřsla in that region Su­urland in southern Iceland. The pendant is about the 10th Century dates.
Thor which was the strongest one from all norse gods got very admired. God of storms and lightning killed Thor trolls and man eating giants and provided good harvests.
Thor, son of Odin and Jord, was given by its husband, the giantess Jarnsaxa, two sons, Magni and Modi.
There is Thor in the hall Bilskinir, its palace in the empire of Trudheim, and it carries proudly its hammer Mj÷lnir. The "Thorshammer" was forged by the dwarves Sindri and Brokk once.
Its strength obtains Thor from its belt Megingjardar and his iron hand Jarngreipr.
The Thorshammer was carried by the heathen people many centuries to the protection from danger today how too. The Thorshammer is the sign of the heathen faith.
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